02 May

Whether you need a custom pultrusion made for a custom product or just need a standard shape made to exact specifications, Strongwell is here to help. From very large to very small parts, Strongwell pultrudes everything from simple strips to complex angles. Strongwell pultrusion facilities manufacture a wide variety of pultrusion products, from plastic and foam to wood and metal. Here are a few of the benefits of a custom pultrusion.

The advantages of custom pultrusion include the increased productivity, better quality fiberfills and reduced risk of accidents. They are also much cheaper and are made of FRP, which is highly resistant to corrosion. Pultruded handheld products are ideal for environments with high exposure to the elements, including construction sites. They can be lightweight and resistant to a variety of chemicals and materials. They are also useful for electrical engineering applications.

Because FRPs are durable, they are becoming popular in construction. Many pultruded products are much lighter and faster to produce than their metal counterparts. In the case of golf clubs, they are replacing wood. In fishing rods, FRPs can even replace metal. In addition to being lightweight, conductive fibres can be added to the pultrusion process. Custom pultrusions allow for fine-tuning the properties of products for specific applications.

The benefits of custom pultrusion  include the ability to produce a wide variety of custom parts. You can manufacture parts up to 24 inches wide and 10 inches high. Then, you can have them milled, drilled, stamped, or fabricated to your exact specifications. If you have complex geometries, ITEN can accommodate them, as well. These parts can be manufactured in various shapes, including octagonal and circular geometries.

If you need fiberglass rods, custom pultrusion is the way to go. The process is continuous and can produce composite materials with constant cross-section. Shakespeare integrates a continuous roll of reinforced fiberglass strands and woven fiber mat. Each material is saturated with a proprietary resin formulation and then pulled through a heated die. The process results in a highly rigid fiberglass-reinforced composite structure. The woven-fiberglass mat gives the material more resilience and multidirectional reinforcement.

Custom Pultrusions Inc. is a wood and steel manufacturing company that specializes in providing window and door frames, astragals base rails, shelving, and more. Other services include coolers and freezer components, advertising panels, and ductwork. Custom Pultrusions also provides environmental control equipment such as sludge settlers and cell settling equipment. The company is located at 1331 S Chillicothe Rd in Aurora, OH.

This link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiberglass, sheds more light on this topic. Check it out now!

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